Annotation from Parliament Zugzwang

""Russia is clearly on the verge of a new phase in its post-Soviet development.""

""In place of the Yeltsin phase of destruction, when it was finished not only with an obsolete system of compulsory regulation of the economy, but with a mindlessly destroyed  set of economic relations with the usual social guarantees for the population, came the stabilization phase, which gave a meaningful basis for the first three years of  President Vladimir Putin. Now stabilizing factors have exhausted themselves. Aggravated by the contradiction between the proclaimed objectives and the actual state of affairs for the last few years the principles of governance and mechanisms for translating them into the realities of market relations forced to speak about the coming "crisis stabilization" and the urgent need for a new round of development, a modernisation stage.""

The book offers the reader a collection of interviews with prominent Russian politicians.
Experts  distinguish two stages of formation of post-Soviet elite: "Yeltsin’s" and "Putin’s". "In the Yeltsin’s period we saw the collapse of the supreme power. Diffusion of power has led not to the democratic separation of powers, but to  managerial chaos. "
In the transitional period of Yeltsin's rule (1991-1993) the role of workers, peasants, intellectuals,  officials from ministries and departments decreased. The value of other, conversely, increased: the regional administrations, members of the security and law enforcement agencies, and especially businessmen. Gradually, careers in the Parliament and Government have become two major ways of promotions, that  was not typical for the Soviet elite, for which the parliamentary mandate was only an  appropriate attribute of their nomenclature status. Now, a new professional group within the elite emerged  - elected officials. In the absence of government support weak social groups - workers, peasants - were almost completely ousted from the political field, has plunging the proportion of women and youth, whose  high percentage of participation in power was pegged before by the Communist Party.Currently the  foundation of the new Russian ruling elite are mostly representatives of the second and third lines of the old Soviet nomenclature. They are passing to the new political elite  special knowledge and expertise that a new emerging elite needs.

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