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Formcos-Russia is lucky to have several very respected commentators on Russian politics and economics working with us, including advisors to the Russian Duma on economic security, which leads to occasional appearances on Russian national news.  Formcos Vlog is a compilation of the television interviews and television features we have been involved in.  Available now on many popular video hosting websites like, Yahoo Videos, Veoh and DailyMotion.  We have provided English subtitles or an explanation of the content where possible.

Formcos-Russia's head of international taxation and trusts, Tatiana Bulakh contributing to various articles in relation to Russia's super rich and the Super Yacht industry for Super Yacht News part of the Super Yacht Group
Cover of Russian Federation magazine 10 2009
Formcos international tax expert, T.Bulakh published an article in Russian Federation Today, the official organ of the Russian Parliament dedicated to international tax consulting matters.
The article has become a subject of discussion in the Parliament and with Russian internet users, because it claims that unique Russian Tax legislation can make Russia a centre for international tax planners in the future. "Though Russian and foreign companies sometimes misuse the ease of tax avoidance in Russia, Russian tax and government authorities are not inclined to introduce any changes, which is in sharp contrast to what is going on in the Western world." article in English>>
tRos Business Consulting-Russias Leading Business Periodical
Ros Business Consulting (Feb 2010) - in Russia's leading monthly business journal, our head of Russian and International Tax T.Bulakh is quoted in regard to the item by Tatiana Frolovskaya, focusing on the division between rich and poor, its widening in the boom of the past 20 years and the current rise of poverty worldwide leading to social unrest.  As the idea of redistribution of wealth grows, politicians give promises to restore balance - is it possible and if so, at whose expense?
RCB in English
Russian Federation Magazine Issue 05,2010
Russian Federation Today.An Epilogue to the 2010 Davos summit Formcos leading Tax expert writes about the complete lack of resolution to come from the events of this years economic forum.
Obama and Sarkozy's plan is not good for Russian interests today. The price of our resources from the sale of which we barely live, is supported by the speculative activity of banks which Obama and Sarkozy wish to forbid. If banks, brokers and speculative funds stop the sublimation of the prices for the natural resource commodities Russia will find it hard to survive - read in full, in English on our Blog
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Parliament Zugwang - A Stunning insight in to the Kremlin in this Collection of interviews with Russian MPs and prominent Russian political figures
Svetlana Dodonova This highly respected political journalist with her finger on the pulse of the Kremlin is also a key advisor to Formcos-Russia on political, economic and international affairs.  She gives us and our clients fantastic current knowledge of the Russian political process and the people involved.  Svetlana is also the author of Parliament Zugzwang, a brilliant compendium of interviews with Russia's political elite, Oligarchs and business leaders, available only in Russian as yet.  I hope to post some translations in our newsletter in coming months.Click here for more on Parliament zugwang

Parliament Zugzwang on
USA. Information society- Professor E. Rogovsky
"USA. Information society" by Professor E. Rogovsky
Leading expert on international economics, Professor Rogovsky, was formerly  Chief Strategist in the "Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs for the Russian Federation
Professor Rogovsky's book "USA. Information society" deals with the very real threat of the electronic  information which is collected from us on a daily basis being used against us, if or when it falls  or has already fallen in to the wrong hands. As a trusted adviser to our senior partners on international business and economics Professor Rogovsky's can offer our clients his profound knowledge of both Russian and international economic affairs. click here for more on USA. Information Society

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